What Is The Best Mosquito Repellent?

What Is The Best Mosquito Repellent?

What Is The Best Mosquito Repellent?

For years, the Best Mosquito Repellent was one that contained DEET, or so we were told.  DEET did repel mosquitoes, but it was also absorbed through our skin and into our bodies.  I for one would rather not have harmful chemicals roaming throughout my system.

The DEET does not kill the mosquito; it just blocks what the mosquito is sensing.  This causes the mosquito to move on to different territory.

What Is The Best Mosquito Repellent?

Why do mosquitoes bite humans?  There are three reasons why they bit us.  All three reasons must be in place for the mosquito to bite.  They want live, moving, and warm prey.

1. When we breathe, we give off carbon dioxide and lactic acid.  The mosquito’s chemical sensors pick up both of these chemicals.  They can smell these chemicals up to 100 feet away.

2. When we wear clothing that does not blend into the scenery and we move, the mosquito can pick us out of a line up.  To them anything that moves has to alive and therefore has blood.

3. Mosquitoes can sense heat once they are close enough to the source.

When you can block the chemical sensors of the mosquito, they will not bite.  This is where Essential Oils can be very beneficial and become the Best Mosquito Repellent.  The mosquito smells the essential oils and not the carbon dioxide and lactic acid.  The Essential Oils are doing the same thing the DEET does, but Essential Oils do not put harmful chemicals into the body.

The mosquito is smart enough to know that essential oils come from plants, trees, flowers, roots, etc. and these items do not have blood moving through them.  Therefore, they move on to someone that can provide them with nourishment.

For centuries, people have used Essential oils to repel mosquitoes, insects and bugs. Here are seven Essential Oils you can use, and most likely, there are more.  Use your creativity and mix and match to see what works best for you and to find your Best Mosquito Repellent.

What Is The Best Mosquito Repellent?1.  Lavender – lavender plants also repel insects and bugs

2.  Lavender and Eucalyptus – mix them together

3.  Citronella – used for centuries to repel bugs and insects.  Mix Citronella and Cedarwood oil for a powerful repellent.

4.  Eucalyptus Globulus – Eucalyptus has been investigated for its powerful insect repellent properties.

5.  Idaho Tansy

6.  Palo Santo

7.  Lemon – avoid sunlight and UV rays for 24 hours. Skin exposed to sunlight will turn a grey color

Always use Essential Oils that are 100% therapeutic/medical grade.  100% medical grade essential oils will give you the benefits that you are seeking.  Young Living Essential Oils are 100% therapeutic/medical grade essential oils.

What Is The Best Mosquito Repellent?

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What Is The Best Mosquito Repellent?

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What Is The Best Mosquito Repellent?

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What Is The Best Mosquito Repellent?

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