Essential Oils In Today’s World

A Little History About Essential Oils

Essential Oils have been around for centuries.  The first recording of Essential Oils dates back to 4500 BC.  According to records, people used Essential Oils in rituals and for medicinal purposes.

When King Tut died, his tomb held 50 jars totaling 350 liters of Essential Oils.  Tomb robbers took the Essential Oils out of the jars for easier carrying and left the king’s gold.  To them the Essential Oils were more valuable than the king’s wealth buried in his tomb.

During the Roman Empire years, the Romans would purify their temples and political office buildings by diffusing Essential Oils.  They also used the oils in their bathhouses to ward off disease or illness and to invigorate themselves.

In 1817, a discovery of a 1500 BC scrolls documenting the use of Myrrh oil.  The scrolls documented that Myrrh Oil was effective in clearing up skin infections, throat infections, and regenerating damaged skin tissue.

The Bible also has many references on the use of Essential Oils.

A Little History About Essential Oils

Through the years, we stopped using Essential Oils and started using man made medicines.  In the last 50 years or so, Essential Oils are making a return to the health community.

We are finding….

…when you diffuse or inhale Essential Oils we lift our spirits, balance our moods, dispel negative thoughts or create a romantic atmosphere, improve our breathing or oxygenation, stimulate the growth hormone or lose weight.

…when you apply Essential Oils topically then you can relieve pain or a muscle injury.

…when you take Essential Oils orally, you can kill bacteria, fungi or viruses.

When you decide to start using Essential Oils, you do need to make sure that you are using 100% therapeutic/medical grade Essential Oils.  Only the 100% therapeutic/medical grade oils will give you the health benefits that the Essential Oils of old gave.